Retrieving Read Files

Use this guide to retrieve and send read files to our technical support team. When you have the file, attach it to a new or existing support ticket.

  1. Do NOT connect your AutoCal/V2 until step 2 has been completed and the EFI Live V8 Scan & Tune software has been successfully installed.
  2. Download EFI Live V8 Software and install when the download has completed.
  3. Connect your AutoCal/V2 to computer using the supplied USB cable and wait for the device drivers to install successfully.
  4. Open the EFI Live V8 Scan & Tune software (icon will be located on your Desktop).
  5. On the ‘F3: Data Files’ tab it should have an EFILive folder, Scan folder, Tune folder, and Read folder (just to the right of the multi-colored triangle at the bottom left of the window).
  6. Now click on the ‘Read Folder’.
  7. Out to the right of the Read folder, you will see your read files (if you’ve read out any).
  8. Right click on the read file that you wish to email and select ‘Copy’.
  9. Minimize the window so you see the desktop, and right click on the desktop. Select ‘Paste’.
  10. Attach that read file (on your desktop) to a technical support ticket.