Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy

Why does PPEI have a MAP policy?

PPEI enforces its MAP Policy with all resellers of its product to maintain long-term strength of its brand name. PPEI wants to make sure that only quality dealers carry its products and ensure that there are appropriate margins in place so that dealers may continue to support PPEI and its customers.

Can I have the option to continue to sell competitors’ products along with PPEI products?

Yes, you may continue to sell products offered by PPEI’s competitors. As a PPEI dealer, will be recommended and referred to customers by PPEI, and your business information will be available to those wanting to use PPEI products. Take into consideration that PPEI invests a great deal into marketing the PPEI product line and provides its dealers and customers with the best products available.

If I only sell one or two PPEI products a year, should I still sign up?

You may or may not wish to become a dealer based on the different options available to you. Please consider those options and choose the best route that fits your needs in order to resale PPEI Products. PPEI can accommodate the needs of shops of any size.

What is the new MAP pricing?

PPEI’S pricing policy establishes both the minimum resale prices and the price a PPEI dealer pays for PPEI Products.

How can the PPEI MAP Policy be violated?

Selling a PPEI Product below the MAP price – the price a consumer pays or the price a dealer pays for the product – is a violation of the Policy.

What are the consequences for failing to follow the policy?

Violating the PPEI MAP Policy will mean that you will no longer be able to purchase or resell PPEI Products for a prescribed time period.

How long will the penalization be?

The consequence for failing to follow the PPEI MAP Policy is that you will not be able to sell PPEI products for an amount of time determined by PPEI management.

Does PPEI offer discounts with MAP?

PPEI offers discounts to customers and dealers. Dealers may not offer discounts which would result in pricing below MAP. For any independently discounted sales, PPEI approval must be obtained in advance of the offering.