2020-2021 Ford 6.7L ECM Flash

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This will require you to send your ECM into our offices for tuning. Benefits include removal of speed limiter, increased horsepower/torque, improved efficiency, and advanced throttle response. As safe and reliable as a factory flash.

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1 review for 2020-2021 Ford 6.7L ECM Flash

  1. Chris Carter (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for customer service this is the right place. Through shear bad luck ran into a few hiccups, but Kory and his staff stepped up without really needing to and literally is hooking me up with a ez lynk and free tcm tuning when it comes available. Aside from that if you’re looking for less regens, less def, better mileage, and a over all better throttle response while keeping the emissions happy the 100 hp tune is it. It keeps all the safety in place, but gives you that extra hp. You can really feel it. Towing is really nice with the added power. I will say they seem to keep a lot of the factory limitations in place (which I do not care for) there is still a little lag here and there, but Kory isn’t in the business to blow your truck up so it’s necessary and trans tuning once it’s available will fix a lot of this. Don’t hesitate to buy this I’m loving my truck since I did all over.

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