EFILive AutoCal w/ Custom Tuning

Our EFILive Custom Tuning is backed by over 9 years of vehicle testing and precision adjustments. VIN Licenses are required to tune additional vehicle per tuning model. Complete the steps below to order your custom tuning. Device included.


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Vehicle* Required

Select the vehicle you wish to tune.

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Body Style* Required

Select your vehicle body style to continue.

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Transmission* Required

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Tuning* Required

Select your desired tuning option.

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Add Switch* Required

Switches are required to utilize switchable tuning (if selected).

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Add Unlock Cable* Required

Required for 2018 Cummins flashing.

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Add TCM Tuning* Required

Transmission tuning comes highly recommended for all vehicles that have been flashed with our custom tuning.Vehicles that house the 68RFE transmission will have the transmission's dipstick located on the passenger side of the motor.

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Exhaust* Required

Do you have an aftermarket or modified exhaust?

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Turbo* Required

Do you have an aftermarket or modified turbo?

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Injectors* Required

Do you have aftermarket or modified injectors?

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Injection Pump(s)* Required

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